Google Removes Job Search Experience From South Korean Search Results

What is Google’s Job Search Experience?

Google’s job search experience is a feature that allows users to search for job postings from multiple sources, including job boards, company career pages, and recruiting agencies. The feature is integrated directly into Google’s search results, so users can search for job postings without leaving the search engine.

Here are some key details about Google’s job search experience:

  1. How it works: When users search for job-related terms on Google, the job search experience displays a list of relevant job postings directly in the search results. Users can then filter the results by location, job type, company, and other criteria.
  2. Data sources: Google’s job search experience aggregates job postings from a wide range of sources, including job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder, company career pages, and recruiting agencies. Google uses structured data markup to make it easy for these sources to share their job postings with the search engine.
  3. User experience: The job search experience is designed to make it easy for users to find and apply for relevant job postings. Users can save job listings for later, receive alerts when new job postings are added, and apply for jobs directly through the job listing page.
  4. Integration with Google tools: The job search experience is integrated with other Google tools, such as Google Maps and Google Drive. For example, users can see the commute time to a job listing from their current location on Google Maps, or save their resume to Google Drive to apply for jobs more easily.

Google’s job search experience is designed to make it easier for job seekers to find relevant job postings and apply for them directly through the search engine.

It was available in the following countries:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Mexico
  4. Brazil
  5. Argentina
  6. United Kingdom
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Spain
  10. Italy
  11. Netherlands
  12. Belgium
  13. Sweden
  14. Denmark
  15. Norway
  16. Finland
  17. Switzerland
  18. Austria
  19. Poland
  20. Czech Republic
  21. Russia
  22. Turkey
  23. United Arab Emirates
  24. India
  25. Singapore
  26. Australia
  27. New Zealand
  28. South Africa

It’s worth noting that Google may add or remove regions from this list over time, so this information may not be up-to-date. Additionally, the availability of the job search experience may vary by region and may be subject to local laws and regulations.

Why Google removed it from South Korea?

In September 2021, Google announced that it would be removing its job search experience from its search results in South Korea. This decision came after the South Korean government passed a law that would require Google and other tech companies to open up their systems to third-party payment systems.

However, the new law would require Google to provide equal visibility to other job search providers, including those that charge a fee for their services.

Google stated that it was difficult to comply with the law while still providing a high-quality user experience for job seekers. Therefore, the company decided to remove the job search experience from its search results in South Korea.

It’s worth noting that Google’s decision only affects its job search experience in South Korea and not its overall search capabilities. Users can still search for job postings through other websites and job search providers.

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